What Types Of Carpet Are There?

When you decide that carpet is the way to go for your space, whether it’s your home, business or an investment property, your journey is just beginning. There are so many options when it comes to types of carpet. They can be broken down, generally speaking, by pile, material, grade and backing. Read below to learn more about the types of pile available for carpets.

What Types Of Carpet Are There?

Pile Types:

The first and most basic consideration for carpets is choosing from the three different types of carpet pile. Pile refers to how the carpet fibers come together and are attached to the backing. There are three basic piles of carpet:

Cut Pile:

Comfortable underfoot, cut pile carpets are made by cutting the carpet fibers at a uniform length and twisting them into tufts. The length (or depth) of the fibers can vary from carpet to carpet. They help create a unified look in your space.

Popular cut pile carpets include a very short, even pile, known as Plush or velour carpet. Saxony has a slightly longer pile that is made of twisted fibers. Frieze has the longest fibers, and is the densest of the cut pile varieties. Also called Shag, it is made of twisted tufts.

What Types Of Carpet Are There?


Loop carpets are made of the same material as cut pile, but the fibers are attached to the backing on both ends, creating a loop. Very durable and low maintenance, loop carpets create an understated look in your space. Popular types include Berber, a short loop carpet made from long fibers rather than individual loops, and typically used in high traffic areas or non-residential settings. High Loop or multi-level loop carpet is just as it sounds. The carpet fibers are looped at varying lengths, to create patterns or texture in the carpet.

What Types Of Carpet Are There?

Cut and Loop:

These carpets are made of a combination of cut and looped fibers to create visual interest. Patterned carpets are almost always cut and loop.

Pile Height:

Each type of carpet above is available in different heights of pile for different applications.

Low Pile:

Great for households with kids and/or pets, or high-traffic areas, low pile carpets keep the pile short and “low” to the floor. They are easy to maintain; examples include Berber and Plush.

Medium Pile:

A great choice for comfort and durability, medium pile is the middle of the road for carpet.

High Pile:

Also known as deep pile carpet, high pile is made of long fibers, creating a comfortable feel underfoot. Shag, an example of high pile carpet, doesn’t show much wear but is more difficult to keep clean than a lower pile variety.

Unlimited Options for Carpet

Once you decide on the type of pile that would suit your space, the sky’s the limit! Depending on your budget, you can choose from a variety of materials, colors, grades, backings, not to mention pads, to create the environment that you envision. When you are ready to pick your perfect carpet, or need more help making that decision, reach out to the flooring professionals at . We are happy to help you talk through your options for carpets and installation.