Vinyl Flooring

Today's luxury vinyl is fashionable, high-tech flooring that offers outstanding advantages to style and budget conscious customers.

Vinyl flooring | Birons Flooring Inc
Vinyl is waterproof, beautiful, and engineered to last.

Vinyl is the perfect choice for busy households who want easy maintenance and affordability but don’t want to sacrifice on visual appeal. The durability of luxury vinyl is unmatched among synthetic flooring, and there are thousands of styles to choose from.


Whether you’re looking for wood, stone, ceramics, or porcelain styles, you’ll find it all in our luxury vinyl collection!

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Ready to be inspired?

Before you shop, browse our vinyl inspiration gallery and discover the design possibilities! 

Vinyl care | Birons Flooring Inc


Vinyl floors are relatively easy to maintain & keep clean. However, it’s still important to implement a proper care routine using product-specific solutions for your new floors.

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Our professional installers are Biron's Flooring employees (and not sub-contracted), so we can ensure that all our customers get the same expert quality installation each and every time.